Week 3- Project Management

I completed all of my tasks for the week, and am moving closer to a finishing the website.

Project Management: Tasks for the week-

  • Redesigned the locations page based on recommendations. I added a map of New Zealand in the beginning which shows locations of destinations.
    I also changed the way I displayed images of locations- I created one slideshow each for the North and South Island destinations using html, css, and javascript.
  • Html and CSS for the Locations Page.
  • Html and CSS for the Packages Page.
  • Changed the appearance of the testimonial slider (home page) to something more simple and less blocky looking.
  • Changed the colour of pages on the navbar when hovering over them and when active.
  • Linked all the pages together


Locations page- map and content.  Also, you can see that the active page is indicated by a change in colour on the nav bar


Slideshows for North Island and South Island  Locations-



Packages Page-


Homepage (New Testimonial Slider)-



My plan for the coming week-

  • Fix Navigation bar on the top while scrolling
  • Go through my html and css to make sure it can be easily understood by anyone else who may read it.
  • Make minor improvements to my pages as I think of them.
  • Get people’s opinions about my website and make changes as i see fit.
  • Browser testing
  • CSS and html validation