Proposal- The NZ Experience

For the purpose of this assignment, I will be working on a website for a fictional travel agency based in New Zealand, called The NZ Experience. As a travel agency, it specialises in tourism and adventures throughout New Zealand. The website will be designed to look simple yet stylish, uncluttered and easy to navigate. Visitors will be completely clear as to where they must go to view the content of their choice.

Audience: The target audience for the website will be people between the ages of 21-40. More specifically, it will target people who are nature lovers and enjoy travelling and sight-seeing. It also includes people who enjoy the outdoors as New Zealand is full of adventures and activities such as hiking, snowboarding, sandboarding and water sports among others. The trips are not low budget trips, and so the target audience must be people who are willing to spend.

Goal: The main goal of the website will be to promote the travel and tourism services in New Zealand offered by the travel agency- The NZ Experience and encourage bookings through them. It will achieve this through the content on the homepage, which I have elaborated on in the content section below.

Structure of the website:

There will be a menu which will be visible across all pages. It will stretch horizontally across the top of the webpage. The buttons on the menu will be- The NZ Experience (home), Locations, Packages, About Us and Contact.

The pages on the website will be based on a logical order- what is more important to users and what they wish to see first. There will be consistency across all the web pages.

  • The home page will contain content which will capture the attention of the visitor and result in the visitor undertaking a particular action.
  • Locations
  • Packages
  • About Us
  • Contact

A brief summary of the content for the various pages of the website:

The “Home” page will have a scenic image as its background. On top of this image there will be text stating that The NZ Experience has year round deals and offers on trips. There will be a form (name and email) which must be filled in to subscribe to a newsletter with updates on the latest deals and travel packages. The entry fields will be first name, last name and email.

The home page will also display images of the North and South Islands along with a brief description of the activities and locations.

At the bottom of the home page, there will be additional details such as a contact number for The NZ Experience, and buttons leading to the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages of the travel agency.

The “Locations” page will display the various locations people can travel to. These locations will be categorised under North Island and South Island. There will be beautiful, scenic pictures of the locations. These pictures must be clicked on to view details of the popular attractions, activities and adventure sports in the location. For the purpose of my assignment I will not be creating these pages with details for each location mentioned.

The “Packages” page will promote and talk about the various travel packages and pricing offered by The NZ Experience and which services are included in each of these packages.

The “About Us” page will detail the all the services offered by The New Zealand Experience. The services offered are- flight bookings, trip planning, accommodation, sight-seeing, adventure sports and other activities.

The “Contact” page will contain a form which visitors must fill in to contact The NZ Experience. It will require the name of the person, contact details and message. It will therefore assist in creating a database of prospective clients.