Week 2- Project Management

Week 2 turned out to be quite productive! I finished way more than expected given my coding inexperience.

Project Management

My initial plan for week two was to work on the second page of my website- html and css, and improve/modify my home page.  I allotted an hour a day to researching how to add certain elements such as sliders and low opacity boxes to my website. Since my weekdays were pretty busy, I decided to spend 6 hours on Saturday and Sunday on coding for the second page.

To sum up- I spent an hour each day (Monday-Friday) on research, and 6 hours on both Saturday and Sunday coding.

I underestimated my coding speed and was able to complete both my Contact and About Us pages.


Contact page

As you can see in the screenshot, my contact page is quite simple (exactly like this page in my prototype). I did not want to have any unnecessary background image or other elements. I want the page to be simple, easy to understand and uncluttered.

I showed last weeks home page to a few people and received some recommendations from them. I have incorporated a few of these changes on the page.

About Us page



Changes to the home page

  • I added a section on the top of the home page (directly under the navbar) which provides a little information on New Zealand. The information/ text box is not mobile responsive. I will work on making individual elements mobile responsive once I have finished the desktop versions of all the pages. I also added a “View Our Deals” button.


  • I changed the look of the destinations section on the page, aligning the images properly and adding dark grey backgrounds to the North and South Island titles.


  • I added a “What Our Clients Say” section (testimonials). I expected a slider to be fairly easy to create but it took me a while to get this working. This section is not mobile responsive. home3.jpg


  • The good news is that I finally managed to get the background images for two of the home page sections to appear. I had named one of my “section” classes something other than- section. Apparently this was the problem. home4.jpg

I think I’ve learned quite a bit this week, and did not anticipate how satisfying it would be to see my code turn into actual web pages.


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